JEMOS Shoes for Little People

by sassyandgeorge on November 22, 2009

in Shoes and Accessories

Oh, hi! Remember us? We needed a little breather to get a few things in order around here. School started, I started a new business, the old business got crazy, my husband had a birthday, my son had a birthday. Good god, now I’m hyperventilating again…

I had to get back to share some cute finds with you though! How ’bout these little shoes? Found ’em right under my nose – here in Kansas City!

The JEMOS children’s shoe line is reminiscent of other soft-soled cuties. The girls styles look like they have a higher back than most so that the strap doesn’t ride across the very top of the foot, allowing for a secure fit. They retail at select online and brick-and-mortar shops for about $28.

Take a peek:






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Ann 11.24.09 at 12:45 pm

Very adorable!!! Look very comfy too and I like the price!

sassyandgeorge 11.24.09 at 12:53 pm

I know! I thought the price was reasonable too! Love it.

Tracy 11.25.09 at 3:11 am

Hello Kate! Well, another crazy late night of going to sleep with the kiddos, then waking up at some bizarre time to do late night emailing and work on our company. All in a days, er…a late night’s….er early mornings work! Thanks for the fun review of our shoes! I’m Tracy, this is our shoe line and we’re thrilled that you found them here in KC. And yes, they are kind of reminiscent of some other lines, but I will point out the not so obvious, yet very important differences to your readers… (1) Our line is focused first on being eco-friendly…that said, our shoes are made with buttery soft and flexible, high quality leather remnant pieces. Great quality stuff being transformed into something cute and comfy – instead of being disgarded! (2) Our packaging is AMAZINGLY cute. Bummer we can’t see it here…but have you seen it? OMG…cute! Oh well, that is me, I am biased. Annnnnnd….it’s totally recyclable too! And each pair comes with a cute lil’ giraffe finger puppet. Awwww! (3) You are correct, our girls styles do tend to have a higher back. This keeps the shoe securely fit around the ankle and the strap across sits comfy across the upper part of the foot, not sandwiched on the skin – hey, good observation! 😉 (4) Speaking of cushioned ankles, ours are pretty much double or possibly triple on most styles. (5) Our footbed is 4mm thick, a bit thicker and bouncier than the others – I know, I know…comparisons, comparisons. (6) Our handmade line is priced lower too. Typically they retail for $28-29 in stores. I won’t take over your blog by going on and on…but thought I would share. Back to the ol’ drawing board…busy designing our Spring/Summer 2010 additions! Love your fun site…glad I discovered it in my late night “work” shift when the kiddies are fast asleep. Hmmm….three boys and a girl? I’m your opposite….three girls and a boy!

sassyandgeorge 11.25.09 at 8:47 am

Thanks so much for stopping by, Tracy! I love these shoes! And they really do look more comfy than the other brands – but I hadn’t seen them in person so I didn’t want to assume. They are darling and I really love the price. Just wish I had someone to buy them for – mine are 8, 7, 3 and 3 now.

I am ALL too familiar with the post-bedtime work shift, by the way!

Tracy 11.25.09 at 3:36 pm

Wow! 10, 8, 3 and 9 months. I think you could solve your shoe delimma by having another. Oh, juuuust kidding. 😉

Rudy Glocker 03.12.12 at 6:53 am

Nice that someone feels that pedipeds are worth copying! I’m flattered!

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